Issue 2 - Fall/Winter 2001
crystalpalacesmMore than 6 million people visited the Great Exhibition of 1851 from May to October in Hyde Park, London.The Crystal Palace, a structure made of steel and glass, showcased mature trees, a 27ft high cut glass fountain, and the best in Victorian innovation and talent. The great monument that was Crystal Palace may have long since burnt down, but beautiful objects still remain by which we can remember the Victorians.
Victorian Charm Strings

Diana Epstein and Millicent Safro describe the once popular past time of charm strings in Victorian America. These strings of buttons, sometimes called "memory strings," were a fad of the 1860s that remained popular until 1900.

The Evolution of Cuff Links

cuffs1900smOver time, cuff links developed from being purely practical to reflecting the fashionable design influences of the period, suggests Eugene Klompus. The first recorded use of cuff links as an item of adornment dates back to the 14th century B.C.

Corsets Again ?

corsetvic_smTo corset or not is still the binding question. Nancy Lyons reveals the issues. Let's admit it - corsetry is sexy and fascinating. Is it the taboo of seeing something usually worn under clothes and close to the skin? Maybe it has to do with all the lacing and the time it takes to put one on or take it off. Just a few years ago, Jean Paul Gaultier and the 1980's Madonna could be credited for bringing corsetry into full view and accepted in the mainstream.


A Brief History of Fans

Learning the history of fans makes collecting them even more rewarding, explains Colin Lawton Johnson. For an immense span of time, fans have played important roles in military, civil, religious, utilitarian and social lives of civilizations. Only in the past half-century have fans become valued only for their rare beauty or as interesting mementos of the past.

ACCCI 2001 Convention
victcombssmThe 5th Biennial Convention of the Antique Comb Collectors' Club International took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the last weekend of April. An animated group of some 35 members gathered together to exchange comb lore, combs and a good deal of education on comb history, geography, material identification and conservation.
Costume Close-up
Costume Close-up: Clothing Construction and Pattern 1750-1790 provides an in-depth history using examples of garments from the last half of the 18th century which are in the permanent collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.

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