Statement of Inspiration

How wonderful, that through the magic of modern technology, people on opposite sides of the globe can communicate with the push of a button. Why not let this work for us -- those of us who enjoy decorative style.

What is particularly interesting are the aesthetically beautiful things, as well as those that just make people feel good to use them. Ordinary practical items, such as thimbles and boxes, due to beautiful design, are admired even today. They never go out of fashion, rather transcend it. Some objects like cutlery tend to reflect design trends of the day. What's spectacular are the objects such as jewellery and clothing which were made to impress. It all came down to making the wearer or user feel good. These items have been passed around and still give people pleasure, both practically and aesthetically.

Even vintage sports equipment and musical instruments have a way of making the participant and observer feel good, because often they are designed with beauty and quality in mind. As symbols of leisure, old luxury items of this kind become more fascinating with rarity, a relic of times past.

The creators of this feeling are equally admirable as they often rose against great difficulties. Their talents, skill of technique, social lives and business sense have often inspired generations.

It is in this spirit that this website was created. Hopefully this will be a window into an active, enthusiastic online community who share the appreciation of antique and vintage luxury items.