Conservation Books of Interest

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Textiles Revealed: Object Lessons in Historic Textile and Costume Research

This interdisciplinary, well-illustrated title brings together papers by leading experts in textile and costume studies, including historians, curators and conservators. They discuss a wide range of textiles and costume: tapestries and embroideries, those archaeological to ethnographic, and costume from the Danish Court as well as European dress in Japan.

November 2000

Paperback; 159 pages; 61 color, 25 black and white images

ISBN# 1-8731-32328

Material Characterization Tests for Objects of Art and Archaeology

Not only for conservators, this book is also helpful to those working in museums and galleries. It is a reference for looking up ways to identify what particular material objects are made from, the compounds associated with them, and the characteristics of the materials used to pack and/or store them. Spot tests are included for among other things, metal, textile, leather, paper and plastics.

November 2000

Spiralbound; 230 pages; 5 tables, 32 illustrations

ISBN# 1-8731-32123

Gilded Metals: History Technology and Conservation


This lavishly illustrated book describes how various cultures, ranging from ancient European societies to much more recent Western cultures, created gilded surfaces and how the allure of gold inspired new technology. Practical techniques covered include foil and leaf gilding, depletion and diffusion techniques, fire gilding and electroplating, among others. Conservation issues are also covered.

August 2000

Hardbound; 376 pages; 32 pages of color plates, 140 black and white images

ISBN# 1-8731-3276X