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Writers Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in . We're always looking for feature writers on the following topics. If you have any ideas for articles, please contact us by fax or email.


Antique and period fine and costume jewellery
Hair Ornaments
Royal jewellery
Antique buttons, beads, buckles, etc.
Modern jewellery inspired from the past


Period/vintage clothing including lingerie, swimwear, etc.
Ceremonial costume
Grooming items including brushes and combs, nail kits, etc.
Gowns including wedding gowns
Fashion accessories including shoes and handbags
Fashion in paintings
Fashion in vintage photographs
Modern clothing inspired from the past

Leisure Pursuits

Vintage/antique sewing kits, musical instruments, travel items such as walking canes, luggage, trunks, etc.
Vintage sporting equipment

Precious Metals

Silver items including cutlery, cigarette cases, boxes, etc.
Gold items as above


Museum collections which include personal items

Private collections of jewellery, costume and related items

Use of precious materials in personal items: ivory, jade, enameling, blown glass, gems, plastic, etc.

We also need writers for book reviews, lecture and exhibit reviews, travel features, interviews and conservation/preservation commentary related to these topics.

As a decorative arts enthusiast, this is also your website. We hope that this website becomes a prime source for information and discussion. We also hope you will enjoy seeing your work posted on it.

Happy writing!